If Your Corporate Culture Isn’t Intentional, It Could Become an Accidental One

The importance of corporate culture in the workplace, particularly as millennials and younger generations take on increasingly influential roles, has never been more crucial than it is today. The polls show it. According to a recently released Glassdoor survey, which in June polled more than 5,000 workers from the U.S., U.K., France and Germany, 77% […]


A Sense of Belonging and Growth: What Really Matters in Employee Satisfaction

It’s one thing to tell employees, particularly during the hiring process, that they’ll be valued. It’s another to actually deliver on that promise and ensure their continued satisfaction from the first day forward. Doing so, however, can lead to a win-win for all parties involved. Employee satisfaction increases engagement, motivation, loyalty, staff retention and, overall, […]


When Business Supports the Arts, the Dividend Is Inspiration

Artwork combined with aviation. Drawings dotted through department stores. Dry cleaners volunteering to help with theater costumes. These were just a few examples of how businesses can support the arts mentioned at From Day One’s conference in Dallas. Responding to the question, “Why should business support the arts?”, a panel of experts explored not only […]


How Do You Craft a Corporate Culture That Has Meaning?

When it comes to stating their mission and purpose, companies can put those intentions in writing for all to see. But corporate culture is something different, harder to quantify, intangible. Yet the culture of an organization is a critical factor in attracting and keeping employees, especially in the tight labor market of today, according to […]


How Behavioral Science and ‘Nudge Theory’ Can Make a Difference in Gender Equality

Since humans are creatures of habit and tradition, they’ll tend to keep doing what they’re doing until something motivates them to change. Individuals may change their behavior for reasons particular to them, but what if leaders in business or government want to solve problems by encouraging change across a whole group of people? The thriving […]


The Company in the Community: You Get What You Put into It

Corporations don’t exist separate from the communities where they do business—and the value runs both ways. When business creates partnerships with non-profit organizations and government agencies, the combined leverage pays dividends in multiple ways, from the tangible (developing skilled labor) to the intangible (boosting employee morale). Yes, the return on investment (ROI) may be difficult […]


What It Means to Provide Health Care That’s Focused on the Patient

When you ask the universe to challenge you, says Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis, you’d better be ready for what you get. A former practicing OB/GYN physician, the now-president and CEO of Denver’s Craig Hospital calls herself “a warrior for the vulnerable.” Over the years, she’s moved from delivering four babies on a single Friday at Kaiser […]