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Beyond Diversity: Bringing Substance to Inclusion and Belonging

Wed., Feb. 16, 2022


Beyond Diversity: Bringing Substance to Inclusion and Belonging

What happens after a surge of commitment to hiring for diversity? Only with the follow-through can progress be sustained. How can companies embrace their increasing diversity? What are the best ways to disrupt the old corporate culture without breaking what is still productive? According to employees, what specifically gives them a sense of belonging? And what are the benefits to the company?


From Day One is a Recertification Provider for SHRM and HRCI. This session is eligible for 3 credits from both organizations. The Activity IDs will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


Singleton Beato

McCann Worldgroup

Tanya Odom

Walton Family Foundation

Courtney Connley


Joy Dettorre


Idit Aronsohn


Tawana Thomas-Johnson

American Cancer Society

Nick Ferraiolo

Elm City Coaching

Khalil Smith

Akamai Technologies

Alexa Teare

Lingo Live

Sheryl Battles

Pitney Bowes

Felicia Robinson

Bright Horizons

Janine Yancey


Odessa Jenkins


Annie Rosencrans


Daniela Porr


DeShaun Wise Porter


Kristy McCann Flynn


Renu Sachdeva

Talking Talent

Zach Nunn


Spencer Whitney


Erica Licht

The Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project (IARA)

Mercedes Samudio


Andre Nellams


Britt Provost


David Thigpen

University of California, Berkeley



12:00 PM - 12:15 PM


12:15 PM - 12:25 PM

Opening Remarks

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM

Maintaining Momentum After the Moment of Reckoning (Fireside Chat)

How to bring an inclusive and equitable perspective to an organization's whole culture, as seen through the strategic plan of a major U.S. philanthropy


Tanya Odom, director of equity and inclusion, Walton Family Foundation


Erica Licht, director of research projects at the Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project (IARA), Harvard University

01:00 PM - 01:20 PM

Ensuring Equity in a Hybrid Work Environment (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

As the shift to hybrid workforces becomes permanent, how can DEI professionals support employee engagement and ensure that virtual workers don’t get left behind?

We’ll discuss:

steps to keep employees engaged and strengthen their sense of belonging, how to ensure that all employees have equal access to resources and career growth opportunities and why flexible benefits that meet the needs of all employees are critical.

Felicia Robinson, Chief People & Inclusion Officer, Bright Horizons

01:25 PM - 02:05 PM

Believe: Building a Corporate Culture of Trust and Transparency (Panel)

When workers trust their managers–and feel they are trusted in return–a sense of belonging and cohesion can flourish. What can leaders do to encourage workers to believe that the organization will come through for them and embrace the characteristics that make them unique? How does transparency improve trust–and how can managers safely increase how much they share? What can quickly undermine trust–and how can it be repaired?


Sheryl Battles, VP, global diversity, inclusion and engagement, Pitney Bowes

DeShaun Wise Porter, VP, diversity, inclusion & recognition, Hilton

Joy Dettorre, global diversity & inclusion leader, IBM

Annie Rosencrans, director of people & culture, US, Hibob

Alexa Teare, chief people officer, LingoLive


Courtney Connley, senior editor, Chief

02:10 PM - 02:30 PM

Evolution of a DEI leader: Authority, Power and Money (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

To explore DEI strategies that drive impact, join us for a conversation with HR leaders Britt Provost, PNW chief HR officer, and Andre Nellams, senior director of talent acquisition and diversity at Accolade. Britt and Andre will discuss the risks they took to build DEI programs that not only evolved with changes in the workplace over the last 2 years, but thrived as well.


Andre Nellams, senior director of talent experience & diversity, equity and inclusion, Accolade


Britt Provost, PNW chief HR officer leader

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM

Driving Diversity and Inclusion Changes in a Global Company (Workshop)

Working towards lasting DEI change may seem like a challenge especially when you think about taking your efforts across borders. However, there are many opportunities to drive change from a global perspective. In this session, we will discuss a recent Workday study that focuses on how to keep your global workforce connected, how to tune in to employee needs and explore DEI best practices.

Daniela Porr, human capital management and DEI specialist, Workday

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM

DEI’s Impact on the Great Resignation (Workshop)

Right now, the biggest problem workplaces face is the Great Resignation. What does this mean for companies today? They lose their best talent, lose money, and suffer a decrease in production. Employees are not happy with today’s workplace culture due to its lack of inclusion and belonging, too little respect, and no real investment and action in DEI.

Respect and inclusion are strongly correlated. Not only does our data show that, but we can actually recommend clear, specific actions to bring change for the better. Join our workshop to see how our data measures respect and inclusion the pillars of workplace culture, and what the steps organizations can take to take real DEI action and avoid the threats of the Great Resignation.

Janine Yancey, founder & CEO, Emtrain

Odessa Jenkins, president, Emtrain

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM

Building the Bridge to DEI with Upskilling (Workshop)

Kristy McCann Flynn founder of GoCoach, an upskilling platform for all employees will be discussing her 20 years in HR and how learning always bridges the gap to equitable opportunities for all.

Kristy McCann Flynn, founder & CEO, GoCoach

03:25 PM - 04:05 PM

Easing the Emotional Burden of Representing a Rising Identity (Panel)

Being a member of a historically marginalized community in a workplace can bring additional effort, stress, and mental-health burdens. How can employers become more aware of the impact on individuals as well as the company? What initiatives have helped ease the burden, ranging from cultural changes to improved benefits? How can sensitivity to this issue reduce burnout and improve employee retention and job satisfaction?


Singleton Beato, global chief diversity, equity & inclusion officer, McCann Worldgroup

Khalil Smith, VP, inclusion, diversity, and engagement, Akamai

Idit Aronsohn, head of corporate responsibility & inclusion, Amdocs

Nick Ferraiolo, founder, Elm City Coaching

Renu Sachdeva, executive coach, Talking Talent

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, Maven


David Thigpen, director of undergraduate programs, University of California, Berkeley

04:10 PM - 04:30 PM

How HR leaders can Create a More Diverse Future of Work (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

With employees, customers, and other stakeholders paying close attention to how companies are responding to DEI, it's a critical time for HR leaders to take action. In this session, we will discuss how to incorporate DEI efforts throughout the employee lifecycle to create a better workplace for people of all backgrounds. Join our webinar to gain tips on how to recruit diverse talent during the Great Resignation, establish a comprehensive approach to DEI and maintain high levels of employee engagement in a post-pandemic hybrid workforce.

Zach Nunn, director of DEI, Momentive

04:35 PM - 05:05 PM

How Your Culture of Inclusion Benefits the Communities You Serve (Fireside Chat)

An organization's DEI focus aligns its internal culture with a campaign to address health disparities among marginalized groups.


Tawana Thomas-Johnson, SVP, chief diversity officer, American Cancer Society


Spencer Whitney, digital editor, KQED (NPR / PBS San Francisco)

05:05 PM - 05:10 PM

Closing Remarks