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New, Active Approaches to Employee Coaching and Recognition

Wed., May 18, 2022


New, Active Approaches to Employee Coaching and Recognition 

Employee coaching has not only boomed in Corporate America, it has also evolved. What used to be only for executives is now democratic–and embraced by employees as a key to growth and advancement. How has coaching changed in ways that are more individualized, more holistic, and more inclusive? What are the most innovative new formats, including peer-to-peer coaching? How does recognition tie into the new coaching culture by boosting employee engagement?


From Day One is a Recertification Provider for SHRM and HRCI. This session is eligible for 3 credits from both organizations. The Activity IDs will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


Karen Gilliam, PhD

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Daisy Auger-Dominguez

Vice Media

Jeff Orlando


Sharahn Monk

FIS Global

Mary Vinette


TeNita Ballard

Intel Corporation

Kelly Yamanouchi

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Madhukar Govindaraju


Kristine Ayuzawa


Emily Pearce


Sarah Sheehan


Raisa Bruner


Gerard Camacho

Atrium Health

Erin Eatough


Lydia Dishman

Fast Company

Kandice Klumb


Dr. Steven Hunt

SAP SuccessFactors

Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza

Independent Journalist

Jackie Bassett

UChicago Medicine

Jill Carter

Intermountain Healthcare

Caitlin Collins




12:00 PM - 12:15 PM


12:15 PM - 12:25 PM

Opening Remarks

12:25 PM - 12:55 PM

Strategies for Coaching Excellence in a Legendary Agency (Fireside Chat)

A look inside the culture of continuous learning, leadership development, and inclusive training at NASA


Karen Gilliam, PhD, Agency Chief Learning Officer & Organization Development Lead, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


Kelly Yamanouchi, Business Reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

01:00 PM - 01:20 PM

Why Company-wide Access to Coaching Is Essential to Organizational Well-being (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

As the workforce navigates a path forward in the new normal, pre-pandemic methods of supporting employees are no longer enough. Gone are the days when only managers turned to professional coaching in order to set a top-down approach to success. As people leaders evaluate the resources they provide for employees, a scaled yet individualized approach is imperative to organizational well-being. Connecting all of your people to on-demand, confidential coaching and content throughout the moments that matter is essential to building employee engagement and resilience. Company-wide coaching amplifies your people programs by embedding one-on-one coaching into your employee experience. Join Sarah Sheehan, Co-founder and President at Bravely, to hear the benefits of democratizing coaching, empowering every employee at all levels to do their best work.

Sarah Sheehan, Co-founder and President, Bravely

01:25 PM - 02:05 PM

Balancing Technology and the Human Factors in Coaching (Panel)

Emerging tech platforms and apps can help democratize coaching, bringing guidance, support and recognition to employees at every level. What are the best uses for the technology and how can they be used at scale? How can these tools be used to leverage human insight and personal touches in the process, as well as a sense of appreciation? How important is the building of a relationship between the coach and the person being coached?


Sharahn Monk, Global Director, Learning Delivery and Performance solutions, FIS Global

Gerard Camacho, AVP, Learning and Career Development, Atrium Health

Jackie Bassett, Director, HR Business and People Strategy, UChicago Medicine

Kristine Ayuzawa, Director, People Operations, Attuned

Emily Pearce, Director of Global Customer Care, Achievers


Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza, Journalist

02:10 PM - 02:30 PM

Mental Fitness Coaching: A Proactive Approach to Workforce Health and Wellbeing (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

Mental fitness is the proactive work we do to prepare our minds for the challenges that life presents us. Employees who practice mental fitness are more creative, collaborative,  adaptable, and equipped to handle daily stressors and challenges that may be around the corner. Join BetterUp Care for a deep dive on the power of mental fitness coaching in your workforce–how to achieve it at scale, capture meaningful population outcomes, and spark a movement towards greater organizational health while enabling employees to be and perform at their best.

Erin Eatough, Senior Insights Manager, BetterUp

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM

A Coaching Culture Starts With the Manager (Workshop)

What types of work cultures bring out the best in people while driving business outcomes and vision? How intentional is your organization with defining the type of culture desired? In this session we will look at the benefits of coaching and identify three ingredients needed to infuse coaching into your culture. We will explore innovative new formats to coaching, feedback, and recognition, discuss setting your people leaders up for success by giving them the skills and experiences they need to coach well, and consider the first step in creating an environment where people can successfully give and receive feedback for continuous growth and development.

Kandice Klumb, Performance Coach, 15Five

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM

Self-Management Technology: Unlocking the Developmental Power of Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation (Workshop)

One of the most difficult development challenges people face is changing their own behavior, even if they know exactly what they want to change and why it is important. The core issue is that we cannot see our own behavior and as a result we are often unaware of mistakes we are making or opportunities we may be missing. A new category of HR technology called “self-management technology” is emerging to address this issue. These solutions use the psychological concepts of self-regulation and choice architecture to make people aware of their behaviors and provide guidance on what to start, stop, or continue doing to be successful in achieving their goals. This session will explain different types of self-management technology, their strengths, and potential concerns relative to other forms of development.

Steven Hunt, PhD, Chief Expert, Work and Technology, SAP SuccessFactors

03:25 PM - 04:05 PM

Coaching in Fair and Effective Ways in a Hybrid Work Environment (Panel)

In the post-pandemic era, companies will need to provide coaching in a personalized way to match an employee’s remote, hybrid, or in-person work schedule. What are the emerging best practices for ensuring equity in such a variety of situations? How can employers avoid favoring those who spend more time in the workplace, known as proximity bias, and offer recognition to those who might feel isolated? How can an environment of inclusion and belonging be fostered?


Jeff Orlando, VP, Global Learning and Leadership Development, Medtronic

TeNita Ballard, Global Diversity and Inclusion Business Partner, Intel

Mary Vinette, Global Head of Learning and Development, Technicolor

Caitlin Collins, Program Strategy Director, Betterworks

Jill Carter, Director, Leadership and Organizational Development, Intermountain Healthcare


Lydia Dishman, Staff editor, Fast Company

04:10 PM - 04:30 PM

Stem the Great Resignation and Build Winning Teams by Continuous Coaching and Upskilling (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

In November 2021 alone, the number of American workers in the private sector who quit their jobs hit a new all-time high of 3.4%—that’s a whopping 4.3 million—according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The harsh truth is, as a Gallup study discovered, employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bad managers. While leadership has always been a main ingredient in an organization’s success, it’s now even more in demand in the age of the Great Resignation.Many companies are seeing a growing trend that centers around employee learning and coaching  in talent attraction and retention efforts. New research from consulting firm Willis Towers Watson finds that the number of employers looking to equip their workers with new skills has grown nearly 70% just in the last three years. Are you scaling a coaching culture within your teams? Do the people managers in your organization have the leadership skills to inspire, engage, and retain their team members?

Madhukar Govindaraju, CEO, Numly

04:35 PM - 05:05 PM

How Building Support Scaffolding Can Help Dismantle Racial Inequity in the Workplace (Closing Fireside Chat)

The head of HR at Vice and author of the new book Inclusion Revolution shows how a worker’s support system can make or break a career, from onboarding to advancement


Daisy Auger-Domínguez, Chief People Officer, Vice Media Group


Raisa Bruner, Staff Writer, TIME magazine

05:05 PM - 05:10 PM

Closing Remarks