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Traci Entel


Pamela Abner

Mount Sinai

Anna Sharkey

S&P Global

Judith Harrison

Weber Shandwick



Creating a Healthy Work Environment:

Demanding jobs in innovative industries put stress on employees. But who’s got their backs? Leaders boost morale and productivity when they show concern for the health and well-being of their workers. What strategies and programs have been the most effective?

The Company in the Community:

Prosperous companies have begun investing in solutions to community crises, including affordable housing, health care and education. How does a company decide what role fits its values and competencies? What’s the best way to work with government and nonprofits?

Customers, Workers, and Saving the World:

What do people expect companies to do at a time of growing urgency about the planet? Climate change, plastic packaging, clean water—stakeholders take these issues seriously enough now to influence their choices in brands and employers. How can companies make an effort—and let people know about it—while keeping up the bottom line?

Crafting a Corporate Culture That Means Something:

What makes it authentic to the company’s roots and current mission? How does it weave itself into all aspects of company life, from people to products? How do companies update their culture to be responsive to changing times?

Recruiting 2020: What Lures Diverse Talent in a Competitive Market?

A look at the keys to attracting skilled workers: a welcoming corporate culture, a sense of purpose, benefits that meet diverse needs, and room for employees to grow.

She Leads: Fresh Ways to Support Women in Business:

What can be done to support the rise of women as leaders in the American economy? Despite notable breakthroughs by many women, the social and structural impediments are stubborn. How can more capital and other resources be made available to female founders? What do women need from Corporate America to keep their careers on track as far as they aim to go?

Navigating the Privacy Minefield:

Companies face competing interests when it comes to serving their customers. On one hand, they want to provide a high level of customization by knowing a lot about them. On the other hand, some companies have wrongly exploited the information or failed to keep it secure. Can companies self-regulate and fix these problems themselves? Could a company’s failing to address the issue pose an existential risk?

Building (and Rebuilding) Trust in Your Company:

How to build a corporate reputation that can withstand business cycles, industry disruption—and mistakes. What lessons can be learned from how companies that have managed crises and survived? How can leaders decide to take a public stand on issues that could be seen as political? Our experts and industry leaders explore the keys to building durable bonds with employees, customers and community members.

Getting Bias Out of Our Systems:

In real-life workplaces, the stories we tell, and the images we create, diversity has become the new watchword. But real inclusivity goes further, not only in attracting diverse people but also casting them in roles that go beyond the usual stereotypes. What are the insights and practices that will bring progress?


The event will take place at BRIC, a creative catalyst of arts and community in the Downtown Brooklyn district.