Lead Like a Human: The HR Leaders Guide to Building Engaged Teams

Since the turn of the millennium, the workforce has changed drastically. New generations have brought a shift in values with them—ranking cultural values far more important than compensation and benefits. In this session, author and Emplify Chief People Officer and Co-founder, Adam Weber, shared practical solutions for people leaders. By not viewing people as cogs but managing people like they are actually people, the benefit is not only unlocking the success of the individual, but also the company. It begins and ends with leading like a human.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand six opportunities to increase engagement with examples of how to implement real actions at your company.

2. Recognize the difference between satisfaction and engagement and identify which elements of your strategy are perks and nice-to-haves and which ones impact business outcomes

3. Know how to leverage data and measurement effectively to prioritize focus and show ROI on your efforts.


From Day One is a SHRM Recertification Provider. This session is eligible for 1 PDC. The Activity ID will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.

This session is hosted by the From Day One editorial team with support from Emplify.

Event Speaker

Adam Weber