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Wed., Feb. 9, 2022


Listening to What Workers Want

Our one-day conference at the Asia Society will bring together over 200 founders / ceos, as well leading thinkers and top executives in HR, CSR, talent, diversity, employee engagement, and benefits for an engaging, up-to-the-minute conversation about how employers can build stronger bonds of trust and connection with their workers and their communities. The urgent topics will include the importance of offering career paths, developing diversity in leadership, balancing productivity with well-being, supporting working parents, and encouraging employees in community work.

From Day One is a Recertification Provider for SHRM and HRCI. This session is eligible for 4 credits from both organizations. The Activity IDs will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


We will continue to refine our policy on wearing masks during events, as the implications of the Omicron variant become clearer. Due to local requirements, our Houston event on February 16 will require masks throughout the event, except in designated areas while food and beverages are served.

In addition, on-site rapid antigen testing will be available at our Houston event, provided on arrival by registered nurses, with results provided in 10-15 minutes. Participating in rapid testing is optional, and available to all guests who want it as a courtesy and additional safety measure.


Matthew Dodson


Paula Harris

Houston Astros

Pedro Neiva Botelho


Julie Fawdington

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Kristi Pittman

Goodman Manufacturing

Tiana Carter

Waste Management

Denise Malloy

Johnson Controls

Michael Bramnick

NRG Energy

April King


Christine Morehead

One Medical

Clelia Cayama Soto


Vijay Swaminathan


Bob Hamer


Jason Scheckner


Shashank Bhushan

BMC Software

Victor Wright


Andrea Alexander

Rent the Runway

Lisa Warner

AMP Creative

Lan Ni

University of Houston

Rachelle Davis


Wenlin Liu

University of Houston

Roma Desai

MAN Energy Solutions

Jennifer Vardeman

University of Houston

Lucho Vizcardo

Nabors Industries



08:30 AM - 09:30 AM

Grand Hall Breakfast

09:30 AM - 09:40 AM

Brown Theater Opening Remarks

09:40 AM - 10:05 AM

Brown Theater The Major-league Clout of High-profile Brands to Have Social Impact (Fireside Chat)

How a World Series contender rallies support among workers, fans, and community members for the causes the team believes in.


Paula Harris, SVP, community affairs & executive director, Astros Foundation, Houston Astros


Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Education Center Room A What Next Gen Leaders Want (Workshop)

CEOs worldwide shared that their No. 1 challenge is developing the next generation of leaders. Your future leaders are demanding more coaching and feedback, and seek a workplace that truly embraces authenticity, empathy, and inclusion. Join us in an engaging workshop to discover the research and proven practices to help you develop and retain future leaders.

April King, senior consultant, DDI

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Education Center Room C What Do Wellness Benefits Look Like in the Workplace Today? (Workshop)

Bob Hamer will introduce himself and the ClassPass corporate program, and then facilitate a discussion on what employers are currently facing (retention, remote workers, mental health strains) and the solutions that are available to them.


Bob Hamer, director of corporate, ClassPass

11:00 AM - 11:25 AM

Grand Hall Coffee Break

11:25 AM - 12:05 PM

Brown Theater How High-performing Workplaces Can Show Compassion, Too (Panel)

A competitive, innovative business can be a demanding place to work. Yet employee engagement and retention depend on empathy and compassion–especially when workers are expected to take certain risks and deliver maximum effort. What does this kind of sensitivity look like in a workplace with high expectations?


Julie Fawdington, head of operations, data office, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Matthew Dodson, manager, organizational development leader, Chevron

Kristi Pittman, VP, HR, Goodman Manufacturing

Clelia Cayama Soto, VP of HR, corrosion protection platform, Aegion

Lisa Warner, president, AMP Creative


Steve Koepp, From Day One

12:10 PM - 12:30 PM

Brown Theater How to Simulate Career Progressions as a Retention Tool (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

By understanding the trends affecting your company's market ecosystem, you can develop prospective career progressions for your employees, as well as gaining valuable insights for your workforce-planning needs.

Vijay Swaminathan, CEO, Draup

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

Education Center Lunch

01:30 PM - 01:35 PM

Brown Theater Session Intro

Bob Hamer, director of corporate, ClassPass

01:35 PM - 02:15 PM

Brown Theater Managing a Healthy Workplace in a Hybrid Environment (Panel)

In a workplace marked by uncertainty and lack of boundaries, employers need to be extra vigilant about the health and well-being of their workers. Leaders can boost morale and productivity when they show they care–and respond with empathetic and effective solutions. What kinds of innovative approaches can companies pursue, ranging from new benefits to improved work practices?


Lucho Vizcardo, head of international HR, western hemisphere, Nabors Industries

Shashank Bhushan, chief talent development architect, BMC Software

Andrea Alexander, chief people officer, Rent the Runway

Roma Desai, VP - HR International, MAN Energy Solutions

Christine Morehead, chief people officer, One Medical


Wenlin Liu, Ph.D., assistant professor, Jack J. Valenti School of Communication, University of Houston

02:20 PM - 02:40 PM

Brown Theater 3 Key Leadership Trends for 2022 (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

With the workforce going through unprecedented changes, new challenges are emerging for companies and leaders to ensure a successful talent pipeline and future. Find out what DDI research says are the top leadership trends for 2022 that have come out of these changing times, and what you can do to respond and make the most of them. These are the trends you can’t ignore as you prepare leaders to meet upcoming challenges and win the race for talent in a faster, more tumultuous, and increasingly digital future.

April King, Sr. consultant, DDI

02:40 PM - 03:00 PM

Grand Hall Coffee Break

03:00 PM - 03:40 PM

Brown Theater Is Your Company Developing an Inclusive Culture? (Panel)

Instead of looking for a "culture fit" in new employees, how can companies make their workplace better-suited to diversity? What are the key elements that make an employer welcoming to a diverse labor pool, from personalized benefits to a sense of belonging? How much does career growth and employee retention add to a company's reputation for inclusion?


Pedro Neiva Botelho, head of HR for the Americas, Schlumberger

Tiana Carter, senior director of culture and social impact , Waste Management (WM)

Agnes Denise Malloy, global VP diversity & inclusion, Johnson Controls

Victor Wright, director, Global Labor and Employment Law, KBR

Rachelle Davis, SVP, talent, RGP


Lan Ni, professor, Valenti School of Communication, University of Houston

03:45 PM - 04:05 PM

Brown Theater Don't Forget About Recruiters! How Automation can Help Retain your Recruiters During the Great Resignation (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

One in three recruiters is currently looking for a new job. In the era of talent retention, your internal recruiting teams should be at the forefront of your retention strategy. Learn how leveraging technology can unlock recruiter retention and satisfaction while making progress towards corporate goals.


Jason Scheckner, chief revenue officer, HiredScore

04:05 PM - 04:35 PM

Brown Theater Redefining the Workplace to Give Workers a Sense of Belonging (Fireside Chat)

How a major supplier of energy and natural gas to millions of U.S. customers is adapting to remote work by revamping its culture to embrace diversity and boost engagement.


Michael Bramnick, SVP of Corporate Affairs, chief of staff & chief compliance officer, NRG Energy


Jennifer Vardeman, Ph.D., associate professor & director, Valenti School of Communication, University of Houston

04:35 PM - 04:45 PM

Brown Theater Closing Remarks

04:45 PM - 05:30 PM

Grand Hall Evening Reception


The conference will take place at the Asia Society in Houston, known for showcasing Asia's arts and culture, education, sustainability, business, and technology.