Emotion Isn't Enough: Leveraging the Brain to Create Meaningful Experiences


It's well-established that creating a customer experience that resonates and connects is crucial to the success of an organization.  Nevertheless, many CX efforts fail, either in creating the desired emotions or in creating the desired outcome. Why does this happen? And is there a way to resolve these inconsistencies?

Contemporary behavioral science and neuroscience research shows us that there are layers of processing in the brain that interact with customer experience, often in counterintuitive ways, creating disconnects between attitudes and behaviors. With a deeper understanding of these underlying phenomena, CX, UX, and marketing efforts can reliably connect with their customers and create powerful experiences.

What you'll learn:

- Why well-conceived CX efforts sometimes fail

- How our brains are wired to make decisions and judgements

- How emotions and attitudes interact with preconscious processes

- How to design winning CX engaging the full cognitive processing of your audience

This session is hosted by the From Day One editorial team with support from BVA Nudge Unit.


John Burkhardt

BVA Nudge Unit