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How to Lead Now: Managing Change and Building Resilience

September 24, 2020


How to Lead Now: Managing Change and Building Resilience

As companies emerge from crisis, our real and virtual workplaces will evolve in lasting ways. How and where will the work get done–and who decides? How can leaders foster both productivity and passion among employees who can work from anywhere? What will foster inclusion and engagement among dispersed teams? What did we learn from the pandemic about maintaining the strength of corporate culture and reputation?

This half day virtual event will include keynote, fireside chat, and panel discussions on our virtual main stage, as well as workshop sessions, chat, and one-on-one networking opportunities that will facilitate interaction with our presenters and your fellow participants.

From Day One is a SHRM Recertification Provider. This session is eligible for 3.75 PDC. The Activity ID will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


Amie Major


Christine Salerno

Marsh & McLennan Companies

Kurt Andersen


Elena Grotto


Rosa Santos


Michelle Goldberg

The New York Times

Amy Edmondson

Harvard University

Sharon Epperson


Randy Martinez

CVS Health

Gail Stern

Catharsis Productions

Jon Schlossberg


Kathy MacKay


Mina Morris


Lydia Dishman

Fast Company

Adam Weber


Rob Ryan


Alana Semuels


Scott Baker


Janet Rumsey

Sysco Corporation

Dave Osh


Jeanne Schad

Randstad RiseSmart

Curtis Stancil




12:00 PM - 12:30 PM


12:30 PM - 12:40 PM

Opening Remarks – Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

12:40 PM - 01:10 PM

Opening Fireside Chat: Creating a Fearless Work Environment in Uncertain Times

Especially now, employers need to foster psychologically healthy workplaces, where it's "safe" to express ideas, ask questions and admit mistakes. Success in today's fast-changing knowledge economy depends on it.

Speaker: Amy Edmondson, the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and author of The Fearless Organization, Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth

Interviewer: Sharon Epperson, Senior Personal Finance Correspondent, CNBC

01:10 PM - 01:15 PM

Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

01:15 PM - 01:55 PM

Panel: Productivity and the Pursuit of Happiness

Remote workers operate in a world without boundaries and plenty of distractions. What can keep them focused on the job, yet able to meet their commitments to family and their own well-being? Where does technology help productivity–or hamper it? How can managers use surveillance tools in ways that protect privacy and prevent a backlash?


Elena Grotto, Senior Vice President, Transformation Experience & Culture Change, Edelman

Amie Major, Head of Talent Management, E*TRADE

Janet Rumsey, Vice President, Human Resources, Sysco Corporation

Adam Weber, CPO and Co-founder, Emplify

Rob Ryan, Senior Director of Strategic Development and Business Value, LumApps


Alana Semuels, Senior Economics Correspondent, TIME

01:55 PM - 02:00 PM

Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

02:00 PM - 02:20 PM

Thought Leadership Spotlight: Avoiding Layoffs and Cutting Expenses with Rapid Redeployment

Many organizations know that letting people go has consequences to employer brand, employee morale, and the ability to be agile once the economy recovers. Yet given the magnitude of the pandemic-induced recession, many companies may feel they have no choice but to reduce workforce. Rapid redeployment is a tool that can actually be less expensive than outplacement, allow companies to retain tribal knowledge, and enhance competitiveness. Join Randstad RiseSmart's Jeanne Schad to learn about the tools and resources needed to successfully redeploy employees and why now is the right time to promote a culture of "stretching" and continuous learning.

Jeanne Schad, Talent Solutions and Strategy Practice Leader, Randstand RiseSmart

02:20 PM - 02:35 PM


02:35 PM - 02:40 PM

Intro to Workshop Sessions - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

02:40 PM - 03:25 PM

Workshop: Reimagining Sexual Harassment Prevention Training: Why People Resist Change–and How to Use Humor to Engage Them

Simply reciting sexual-harassment law and policy has never inspired meaningful change or helped individuals engage with one another about these issues in the workplace. Training must build employees’ capacity to have these tough conversations and listen to different voices in order to reduce harm, increase diversity of perspective, and ensure accountability. This workshop will enable participants to learn how emotions affect the way people think about their own behavior and issues related to toxic work environments, and to identify strategic ways of using humor to frame key issues and reduce cognitive and emotional defensiveness.

Gail Stern, Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Catharsis Productions

02:40 PM - 03:25 PM

Workshop: Pathfinders for the Future: A New Model for Developing Leaders

Navigating this volatile era requires organizations to reconceptualize their business models and accelerate into the future at speed and scale. Which behaviors will leaders need today–and how does that compare to what is needed in the future? We will present new research about the leadership characteristics that create the diversity of thought and nimbleness your company requires. We'll also show how you can identify and fill the gaps in your leadership pipeline.

Mina Morris, Partner, Aon

Kathy MacKay, Director, Aon

02:40 PM - 03:25 PM

Workshop: Why Resilience is Your Secret Weapon, Now More Than Ever

In a year that has introduced new levels of chaos and ongoing change, the idea of resilience has gone mainstream. We’re all drawn hopefully to the idea, yet few of us fully understand it. What does it really mean to have a resilient workforce–and how critical is it to organizational success? Whether you company embraces resilience or focuses on other strength-building, it's vitally important to understand how to survive–and even thrive–amid so much uncertainty. This session will discuss research findings that support the critical need for resilience among both individuals and organizations, as well as how to build resilience virtually and at scale.

Scott Baker, Solutions Consultant, BetterUp

03:25 PM - 03:30 PM

Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

03:30 PM - 04:10 PM

Panel: When Corporate Culture Needs to Evolve

For many companies, the current crisis has focused attention on the strengths and weaknesses of their mission, values, and other fundamentals. But what if the foundation needs to be fixed? How can leaders and their employees carry on a dialogue that's reflective of changing expectations–and carry out changes that help the company navigate the road ahead? What questions should they ask themselves?


Christine Salerno, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Marsh & McLennan Companies

Randy Martinez, Director, Strategic Diversity Management, CVS Health

Rosa Santos, VP Talent Management and Organization Development NAB, Pepsico

Jon Schlossberg, CEO, Even

Curtis Stancil, Director, Human Resources, Sodexo


Lydia Dishman, Reporter, Fast Company

04:10 PM - 04:15 PM

Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

04:15 PM - 04:35 PM

Thought Leadership Spotlight: How HR Leaders Improve Business Performance Amid High Disruption and Complexity

In turbulent times, HR executives can excel as business partners if they follow several key steps to boost their leadership effectiveness. We will explore what matters the most in ever-accelerating change, how to navigate uncharted waters without a map, and how to build organizational capacity to create ambitious outcomes even in difficult times. By transforming their approach, HR leaders will thrive in the new world as the future unfolds.

Dave Osh, CEO, Varlinx

04:35 PM - 04:40 PM

Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

04:40 PM - 05:10 PM

Closing Fireside Chat: When Did We Decide That Big Business Gets Whatever It Wants?

In recent decades, a U.S. economy that boosted the middle class has been re-engineered to benefit mostly the super-rich and giant corporations. Who did this, how did it happen, and what are the ways out of this man-made socio-economic disaster?

Kurt Andersen, author of the bestselling Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America, a Recent History, and Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire. He is also the author of three novels and was host and co-creator of Studio 360, the award-winning public radio show, and co-founder of Spy magazine.

Interviewer: Michelle Goldberg, columnist, the New York Times

05:10 PM - 05:15 PM

Closing Remarks – Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One

05:15 PM - 05:30 PM