KeyAnna Schmiedl is the Global Head of DEI at Wayfair where she puts to application a breadth of DEI experience, most recently as the US Head of D&I for Santander Bank, N.A where she led the bank’s employee networking groups and other D&I priorities. Prior to her time at Santander she was a senior consultant at IBIS Consulting Group where she developed innovative and collaborative ways of implementing DEI intervention strategies.

An avid learner and systems thinker, KeyAnna loves to create solutions and discussions that center OD and DEI as tools for supporting authenticity and empathy. She believes that highlighting the need to move from “careful” to “thoughtful” conversations in the workplace is key the success of DEI and am evolved workplace culture overall. Bridging the gap between difference is key for any successful endeavor and ensuring leaders and employees have the tools necessary to do just that is the goal of her work.