October Virtual: Cultivate Connection With HR Technology

Wednesday, October 11, 2023


How HR Technology Can Connect, Motivate, and Recognize the Hybrid Workforce

Most workers have strongly embraced hybrid and remote work arrangements, having settled into sustainable routines that allow them to be productive. But camaraderie and a sense of belonging have proven elusive without meaningful face-to-face contact and team-building opportunities. How can organizations create new structures for in-person gatherings that maintain the comfort of remote or hybrid work, as well as new digital approaches that create the ties that bind?

From Day One is a Recertification Provider for SHRM and HRCI. This session is eligible for 3 credits from both organizations. The Activity IDs will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


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12:00 PM - 12:15 PM
12:15 PM - 12:25 PM
Opening Remarks: Nick Baily and Steve Koepp, Co-Founders, From Day One
12:25 PM - 12:50 PM
Fireside Chat
12:55 PM - 01:15 PM
The Evolution of Employee Recognition & Rewards - 2024 Trends and best practices (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

Forms of employee recognition and rewards have been a part of organizations for over a century to improve employee engagement and retention. Over the decades, approaches have been modernized and companies are implementing more holistic recognition strategies to improve the overall employee experience.  This session will share combined experiences and learnings from hundreds of organizations that have upgraded their recognition and reward strategy. In this session, you will learn:

  • Why focusing on a Recognition strategy is critical in today’s workplaces and how it can be leveraged through economic uncertainty
  • The evolution of Employee Recognition, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own
  • Proven effective methods and practical solutions to creating a culture of appreciation
  • Examples of companies that are doing it well

Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer, WorkTango

01:20 PM - 02:00 PM
Understanding and Motivating Your Hybrid Workforce (Panel)

In the dynamic landscape of a hybrid workforce, leaders need to understand the distinct needs and aspirations of their workforce, remote or on-site. What approaches can leaders employ to gain a deeper understanding of the unique motivations and preferences of their hybrid workforce? How can organizations tailor their motivation strategies to effectively engage both remote and on-site employees, fostering productivity, overall satisfaction and psychological safety?


Mary Burke, SVP, Human Resources - Experian

Andrea Osborne, Vice President People, Product/R&D Unit - Genesys  

Kristen Duffey, Head of IT Technical Program Management, IT People Operations and Chief of Staff to CIO - NI  

Casey Wahl, CEO - Attuned


Lydia Dishman, Senior Editor, Growth and Engagement - Fast Company 

02:05 PM - 02:25 PM
Retention Reinvented: Enabling Managers to Drive Employee Engagement in the Modern Workplace (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

Retention has never been more critical than in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Organizations across industries are facing high turnover rates and the pressing question of why employees are leaving. It's time to reinvent our approach to employee retention, and it starts with equipping managers to become the driving force behind employee engagement. 


Join Jenny Podewils, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Leapsome, for a dynamic presentation that delves deep into the current landscape of employee attrition and unveils actionable strategies for improvement. During this Tech Talk, Jenny will share findings from Leapsome’s Workforce Trends Report and actionable takeaways to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to transform your organization's approach to employee retention. This session will explore:

  • The root causes behind increasing turnover rates

  • Managers’ roles in employee retention

  • HR leadership readiness to navigate this critical issue

Jenny Podewils, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Leapsome


02:30 PM - 03:15 PM
ThinkHuman Workshop
02:30 PM - 03:15 PM
Tactical ways to improve team participation so everyone is heard (Workshop)

Employees have different workstyles, behaviors, backgrounds and comfort zones.  In team settings we often see two or three people do all of the talking – so how do we get everyone to contribute and what’s stopping them?  Join Vivek in a conversation about how to get the entire team to participate so that everyone can have an equitable voice and feel valued.  Vivek will show methods and techniques that you can do today that will improve the overall participation on your teams.  And he will touch on using AI, team processes and focus boosters to continue to encourage participation.

Vivek Nigam, CEO, ReTeam

03:20 PM - 04:00 PM
Harnessing the Power of Workplace Community (Panel)

Cultivating a strong workplace community is vital for employee engagement, collaboration, and overall organizational success. How can organizations foster a sense of community and connection among employees in a diverse and distributed workplace? What strategies and initiatives can be implemented to encourage collaboration, communication, and a shared sense of purpose?


Michelle Gessaro, Vice President, People & Culture (Americas Region) - Vestas  

Sheila Jagannathan, Global Head, Digital Learning & Capacity Building - World Bank  

Megan Bickle, Director - Culture, Employee Engagement and Employee Listening - Western Digital  

Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO - Bonusly


Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza, Journalist, Contributing Editor - From Day One

04:05 PM - 04:30 PM
Fireside Chat
04:30 PM - 04:35 PM
Closing Remarks: Steve Koepp, Co-Founders, From Day One