Live 2023: Salt Lake City

Tuesday, March 14, 2023
8:30AM CT - 5:30PM CT


Rediscovering Community Amidst Changing Corporate Values

In an environment of constant workplace change, how can employers create a consistent community that builds enduring bonds of trust with workers? Our one-day live conference will bring together leading thinkers and top executives in HR, hybrid work, diversity, benefits, social impact and employee engagement for an up-to-the-minute conversation on topics such as creating equity in a hybrid workplace, balancing productivity with well-being, offering better career paths, developing diversity in leadership, and supporting working parents.

From Day One is a Recertification Provider for SHRM and HRCI. This session is eligible for 4 credits from both organizations. The Activity IDs will be sent to attendees after the conclusion of the session.


08:30 AM - 09:30 AM
Skyline Foyer Breakfast

The conference will take place at The Leonardo, a Science, technology & art museum featuring touring exhibits, activities & workshops.

09:30 AM - 09:35 AM
Auditorium Opening Remarks
09:35 AM - 09:55 AM
Auditorium Building an Inclusive Team in the Arena and the Community (Fireside Chat)

An NBA team can have social impact well beyond the basketball court. The leader of people and culture for the Utah Jazz tells how the business leverages the excitement factor for the good of employees and the community.

Betsy McCann, Senior VP of People & Culture, Utah Jazz


Lori Prichard, Anchor/Reporter, KSL TV

09:55 AM - 10:40 AM
Auditorium Kindling Community and Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace (Panel)

Workers want to keep their flexible schedules, yet many of them report feeling disconnected and even depressed from a lack of regular human interaction. What can employers put into place to recognize these workers and restore a feeling that they matter, as well as giving their managers the tools to create a stronger sense of community in their organizations?


Robin Strup, VP, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dataminr

Gia Dowling, Corporate VP, People and Culture, Nicholas & Co.

Grace Zuncic, Chief People and Impact Officer, Cotopaxi

Brooke Shreeve, Chief People Officer, Weave

Logan Mallory, VP, Marketing, Motivosity


Glen Mills, News Anchor and Chief Political Correspondent, ABC4 News

10:40 AM - 11:20 AM
Auditorium Closing the Connection Gap: Redefining Modern Leadership (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

We’re experiencing a new reality in which people are connecting with more frequency and less friction than ever before. There are limitless tools for conversation and platforms to engage in countless ways, but why do our workplaces still feel so disconnected? Join us to discuss how to close the connection gap and redefine leadership for post-pandemic success.

Steve Arntz, CEO, Campfire

11:05 AM - 11:30 AM
Skyline Foyer Coffee Break
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Breakout Room A The Significance of the Five Pillars of Belonging (Workshop)
11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Breakout Room B Building a Culture to Optimize Performance (Workshop)

Mental health and Wellness are fundamental components of a thriving and productive workforce. In this workshop with Amelia Wilcox, CEO, and Haeli Harris, Director of Clinical Ops at Nivati, you can learn 4 important elements required to build a culture designed to optimize performance. even with hybrid and remote employees.

Amelia Wilcox, CEO, Nivati

Haeli Harris, Director of Clinical Ops, Nivati

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Breakout Room C Tips for Upgrading your Team the Ted Lasso Way (Workshop)

Whether you are as obsessed with Ted Lasso as we are or not, this session is for you! Managers and our teams have the biggest influence on employee engagement. So what are you doing to transform your managers into leaders? Don’t listen to us, listen to Ted Lasso. A few teasers: Everyone’s on the team. Be a goldfish. Fix the water pressure. Be curious, not judgmental. Genuine appreciation above all else. In this session, we'll talk about principles that can take you from a manager to a mentor to a leader to create a highly engaged team.

Logan Mallory, VP of Marketing, Motivosity

12:15 PM - 01:15 PM
01:15 PM - 02:00 PM
Breakout Room A Why Selfish Employees Aren’t Quiet Quitting–and How to Create More of Them (Workshop)

What’s the key to winning in 2023 and beyond? Selfish employees. Yes, you read that right. A “selfish” employee is one who has awareness of their personal goals and needs. Employees whose needs are met by their employer are proven to be seven times more intrinsically motivated, will positively influence others, and will give you their best work. Join the co-founder of Alarcon for an exploration of the selfish employee. You'll gain an increased awareness of company blind spots, ideas for taking action in 2023, and a deeper understanding of how it feels when your personal goals, dreams, and motivators are championed by your employer.

Jon Alarcon, Co-Founder, Worklyfe

01:15 PM - 02:00 PM
Breakout Room B Achieve Greater Team Diversity With a High-Performing, Globally Distributed Workforce (Workshop)

If diversity, equity, and inclusion is on your shortlist, why not take your recruiting strategy cross-border? Hybrid team structures have opened up a world of hiring pipelines for HR teams. With global candidate pools, you access a greater diversity of employee skill sets, backgrounds, and qualifications. You also broaden the scope of your business operations. In this breakout session, IsoTalent brings together HR and recruiting leaders to discuss the unique DEI benefits of expanding teams internationally–and a range of tactics for making it happen.

Jonathan Malan, Head of Global, IsoTalent

Tessa White, CEO and Founder of The Job Doctor, Speaker and Author

Jeff Weber, Chief Operations and People Officer, Xevant

01:15 PM - 02:00 PM
Breakout Room C Shake Up Your L&D with Hone (Workshop)

In this fun, interactive workshop, Meica Hatters, Senior Learning Strategist for the workplace-training company Hone, will relate mixology to learning and development (L&D) concepts to help participants better understand how precise measurement helps HR leaders underscore the business impact of their learning investment.

Meica Hatters, Senior Learning Strategist, Hone

02:10 PM - 02:55 PM
Auditorium Making Inclusive Career Growth Part of Your Corporate Purpose (Panel)

By focusing on untapped potential and skills rather than traditional criteria for advancement, employers can build a more equitable environment for advancement. How can companies do a better job of spotting hidden talent, as well as the systemic obstacles that might stand in the way of marginalized populations? What new approaches and tech tools can identify where workers need upskilling to progress to new roles?


Ben Gross, Chief People Officer and General Counsel, Backcountry

Emma E. Houston, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant VP for EDI, University of Utah

Weslie Porter, Director, Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Accelerator (EDIA), Utah Department of Government Operations

Michael Watson, Head of Customer Success, North America, Eightfold


Mekenna Malan, Editor, Utah Business

02:55 PM - 03:20 PM
Auditorium Mapping the Human Genome of Potential (Thought Leadership Spotlight)

While it may be tempting to think the staying power of the traditional resume is connected to how successful it has been at predicting performance, the reality is that we just haven’t produced anything better. New technology combined with the reliance on resumes has led to a catastrophic combination. Algorithms that scan for keywords, metrics, or skills have magnified the shortcomings. This approach to identifying talent effectively excludes more than 80% of potential job candidates. What if, instead of relying on an exclusive demand-side search for skills and themes, we were to operate with an inclusive approach? This would give people a chance to demonstrate their potential, tell their story, understand their work preferences, and obtain the skills they need to succeed in a career path. Through automation, data science, performance coaching, and just the right amount of empathy, we can change the way the world works.

Scott Dettman, CEO, Avenica

03:20 PM - 03:45 PM
Skyline Foyer Coffee Break
03:45 PM - 03:50 PM
Auditorium Panel Introduction

Daniel Blaser, Senior Content Leader, Workstream

03:50 PM - 04:30 PM
Auditorium Stimulating a Culture of Healthy Feedback to Boost Innovation and Productivity (Panel)

Workers say they want to be heard–and companies who listen tend to be more successful. How can employers foster a culture that celebrates ideas, innovation, and notable accomplishments? At the same time, what supports a candid, two-way conversation for performance management and goal-setting?


Carter Lee, Chief People Officer, Overstock

Ivan Iordanov, VP, Corporate Trainer, Enterprise Learning & Development, Zions Bancorp.

Connie Washington, VP, People, Progressive Leasing

Whitney Harper, SVP of People, Extra Space Storage

Steve Sonnenberg, CEO, Awardco


Robert Gehrke, Government and Politics Reporter, the Salt Lake Tribune

04:30 PM - 04:55 PM
Auditorium How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others (Fireside Chat)

A renowned voice on leadership tells why the command-and-control model of management is outdated and needs to be replaced with a new way of leading that starts with the belief that people are creative, collaborative, and full of potential.


Stephen M.R. Covey, Author, Trust & Inspire


Steve Koepp, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer, From Day One

04:55 PM - 05:00 PM
Auditorium Closing Remarks
05:00 PM - 05:30 PM
Skyline Foyer Evening Reception


The conference will take place at The Leonardo, a Science, technology & art museum featuring touring exhibits, activities & workshops.