New Ideas and Tactics for Successful Diversity Recruiting

Many employers have renewed their commitment to diversity, but what are the best ways of recruiting the diverse workforce of tomorrow? How can companies improve their early-talent pipelines, including internships and campus recruiting? How can they use digital tools to spot talent in the marketplace as well as finding candidates for advancement in their own workforces? What are the best ways of removing bias from the process, including the algorithms? And how can employers make themselves more attractive to diverse candidates?


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12:00 PM - 12:15 PM
12:15 PM - 12:25 PM
Opening Remarks – Nick Baily, co-founder, From Day One & Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
12:25 PM - 12:55 PM
Opening Fireside Chat: Attracting Diverse Leadership in a War for Talent

How a global tech company differentiates itself from its peers to be a magnet for sought-after executive talent.


Karla Samdahl, global head of executive talent acquisition and board integration, Cisco Systems


Lydia Dishman, staff editor, Fast Company

12:55 PM - 01:00 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
01:00 PM - 01:20 PM
Thought Leadership Spotlight: Three Ways to Boost Diversity Hiring Now

Companies everywhere are struggling to hire talent, and at the same time, to meet the expectations of their workforce around their DEI commitment. Increasing hiring of diverse talent is thus a critical imperative. Join veteran talent strategist Shannon Gaydos to learn three actionable ways your company can increase attraction of diverse talent, reduce unwanted bias, and remove roadblocks in your hiring process that impact underrepresented groups.

Shannon Gaydos, customer success manager, Eightfold

01:20 PM - 01:25 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
01:25 PM - 02:05 PM
Panel: How to Get an Advantage by Recruiting for Potential Rather Than Pedigree

With so many competitors fishing in the same pond, smart employers can tap a larger pool of diverse talent by searching for those with non-traditional backgrounds. What tools and methods can companies use to find candidates with the right mix of skills and experience, rather than such traditional prerequisites as a four-year degree from the same handful of colleges? What are the most promising training grounds, including HBCUs, community colleges, tech boot camps, and the military?


Liz Freedman, head of talent & diversity and inclusion, IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group)

PaShon Mann, VP talent acquisition- university, diversity, military and sourcing, Comcast

Peter Sursi, division recruitment & hiring, human resources senior executive, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Jeremy Schiff, CEO, Recruitbot

Andrew Myers, founder & CEO, RippleMatch


Lydia Dishman, staff editor, Fast Company

02:05 PM - 02:10 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
02:10 PM - 02:30 PM
Fireside Chat: How to Create 1 Million Good Jobs for Black Americans

The leader of a new coalition of CEOs illuminates how they plan to advance Black individuals who don't yet have four-year degrees into family-sustaining jobs.


Maurice Jones, CEO, OneTen


Emily Nonko, contributing writer, From Day One

02:30 PM - 02:35 PM
Workshop Intro - Kaylan Clemons, vp talent engagement, From Day One
02:35 PM - 03:20 PM
Workshop: Building Inclusion Skills for Effective Recruiting

Inclusion is a competency. It's a set of learned behaviors systematic decision making, allyship, asking questions rather than making assumptions, valuing differences and all of these behaviors can be developed and practiced over time. These behaviors are necessary for the effective recruitment of a diverse workforce, and they are undoubtedly necessary to retain diverse talent. Join us as we map out how to build inclusion skills to power more effective recruitment of diverse talent.

Janine Yancey, founder & CEO, Emtrain

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM
Workshop: If You Build It, They Will Come: How Inclusive Cultures Attract Diverse Talent

Increasing diversity recruitment is as much a culture change as a tactical effort. It requires a realistic vision and broad buy-in, alongside structural changes to recruitment policies and processes. We’ll explore how to turn diversity recruitment aspirations into achievable plans and how to connect these efforts to building cultures of inclusion, equity and belonging.

Jonathan Yeo, founder, The Potential Space

02:35 PM - 03:20 PM
Workshop: Two Words That Will Make Your Employer Brand Diverse and Inclusive

In the past year, companies have had to take an honest look at who they are and the culture they want to create for marginalized employees. When it comes to employer brand, it’s not enough to throw a few stock-photo images on your career site and call yourself a diverse company.

Join John Graham, Vice President of Global Employer Brand, Diversity & Culture at Shaker Recruitment Marketing as he reveals the two words that are critical to ensuring that your Employer Brand is truly diverse and inclusive. If you want to ensure that your marketing actually matches reality and better attract, retain and engage marginalized talent, then you won’t want to miss this session.

John Graham, VP, employer brand, diversity & culture, Shaker Recruitment Marketing

03:20 PM - 03:25 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
03:25 PM - 03:45 PM
Thought Leadership Spotlight: The Phenomenon of Incongruence in Candidate Expectations

Recruitment has become a challenge across the globe. By Draup estimates, there is a 4.47 million supply-demand gap in tech jobs. Now, recruiters can use the power of big data in conversations. In as much as there is growth in tech, there is a layer of talent that has not seen much career progression- for example. But- 38% of the tech professionals in big tech companies across catchment areas of New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Dallas are stagnant in the same position for more than three years.

This session is all about converting and aligning such insights for Recruiters and make them winners in the war for talent

Vijay Swaminathan, co-founder & CEO, Draup

03:45 PM - 03:50 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
03:50 PM - 04:30 PM
Panel: Improving the Talent Pipeline, From End to End

From campus recruiting to the job offer, the hiring process has many steps where talent can be overlooked, blocked, or lost to competitors. What are the most effective ways in which employers can remove obstacles and boost engagement? How can they make the most of other pathways besides recruiting, including internships and referrals?


Erin Pierpoint, head of talent acquisition early career + diversity & inclusion, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Suzanne Rosenthal - vice president, talent acquisition – campus & early career recruiting, ViacomCBS

David York - global head of recruiting, Creative Artists Agency

Tarawhona (Tara) Bellevue, vice president of inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) strategy, NAF

Rocki Howard, chief diversity officer, SmartRecruiters


Gregory Hammons, Product Marketing Manager | Computer Science Education | BGN Product Inclusion Lead at Google & CEO & Founder of Forever Phase, LLC

04:30 PM - 04:35 PM
Main Stage Intro - Steve Koepp, co-founder, From Day One
04:35 PM - 04:55 PM
Thought Leadership Spotlight: AI in Hiring, Responsibly

Employers large and small are using AI-based tools to recruit, screen, and hire candidates.  Can AI help you diversify the candidate pool? What should you think about when deciding whether to use AI as part of your talent acquisition strategy? Join this conversation to learn about the potential benefits and the risks of the use of AI in hiring, to use this technology responsibly.

Julia Stoyanovich, Director, Center for Responsible AI at NYU

04:55 PM - 05:00 PM
Closing Remarks – Steve Koepp, Co-Founder, From Day One