Keeping Employees Engaged When Everything Is Changing

In recent months, the rhythms and structures of work life have been, well, deconstructed. Employees fortunate enough to have a job will be working from their kitchen tables for the foreseeable future, adding pressure to working families with children. Career development seems hazy at best for many employees, especially those unsure about how their roles […]

How Internships Are Being Reinvented During the Pandemic

On the path from school to a career, internships are often pivotal experiences. They give students access to on-the-job experience, networking opportunities, and mentorships that can propel them into their future careers. But what happens to internships during a global pandemic, when so many workplaces are closed? How can fresh talent get their feet in […]

Is Facebook a Media Company? That’s Not Up to Mark Zuckerberg

Editor’s note: this story was originally published on Facebook is facing, finally, the historic moment that many of its critics, including me, have long expected. Its true customers–advertisers–are saying Facebook cannot continue to pretend to be “neutral” about dishonest and hateful speech. The resulting societal harm is too great. That opinion had already become […]

Why Juneteenth Swiftly Became a Corporate Holiday

Spring 2020 will be remembered in corporate circles as a whirlwind of change, with exhausting and exciting pivots by big business. Difficult conversations connected to brand identity and race were being held in the boardrooms of many corporations as weeks of Black Lives Matter protests unfolded. One of the most intriguing outcomes from those conversations […]

Corporate America Wakes Up to Systemic Racism. But What Happens Next?

The NFL takes a knee. Juneteenth becomes a corporate holiday. NASCAR bans the confederate flag. The stereotypical product mascots Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth are suddenly retired. The Oscars promise to be not-so-white anymore. Band-Aid says it will start making bandages in darker shades. A parade of corporate press releases announces that companies […]

Calling Out the Implicit Bias in the American Workplace

Earlier this year, before live events were cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Brooklyn Historical Society hosted a panel discussion titled “Take Your Feet Off Our Necks: Implicit Bias in the Workplace,” exploring how “women and people of color all too often face microaggression, diminution, and exclusion in a workforce that equates white collar […]

Collaborating for Inclusion: the Influence of Employee Resource Groups

The three crises that America is undergoing simultaneously–health, economic, and social–have a major element in common: they’ve exposed the painful consequences of inequality and bias. The COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice and massive layoffs have disproportionately affected people of color, women, and other marginalized groups. While the debate over cause-and-effect is highly politicized, in Corporate America […]