The Team Builder: Why Fortune Picked Microsoft’s Nadella as Businessperson of the Year

This has been a rough year in the public eye for Big Tech, whose digital giants have been pilloried as privacy invaders, monopoly builders and even threats to democracy. Yet one of them has stood out from the pack, basking in a glow of newfound admiration: Microsoft. Affirming that distinction, Fortune recently named Microsoft CEO […]

What Is It About Wegmans That Makes People Feel All Warm and Fuzzy?

In any town big or small, the opening of a new supermarket is typically a welcome event. But nothing was quite like the emotional outpouring that accompanied the debut of a new Wegmans supermarket last week in Brooklyn, NY. The media swarmed. Customers swooned. What is it about Wegmans? The family-owned company, one of the […]

By Ousting the CEO, McDonald’s Sends a Strong Signal on Workplace Conduct

The sudden dismissal of the CEO of McDonald’s over the weekend showed in dramatic fashion that the codes of conduct for top management in Corporate American have risen sharply. The fast-food chain announced on Sunday that its board of directors had fired CEO Steve Easterbrook after he engaged in a consensual relationship with an employee, […]