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Supporting Families: How Employers Can Help Workers in Challenging Times


The crises of 2020 have thrown family routines and structures into disarray. As parents and caregivers patch together new ways of coping with the demands of work and school, companies are scrambling to find new methods to shore up the well-being and productivity of their workers. Our conference will explore innovations in child care, mental health, elder care, family leave, work-life boundaries and the struggle of families to re-organize their lives in workable ways.


This half day virtual event will include keynote, fireside chat, and panel discussions on our virtual main stage, as well as workshop sessions, chat, and one-on-one networking opportunities that will facilitate interaction with our presenters and your fellow participants.


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Job Flexibility and Its Limits: What's Productive and What's Fair?

Managers are balancing the needs of families with the demands of business to get the job done. What are the new concepts that work, including asynchronous schedules, four-day weeks, and other techniques? Which new management tools and platforms are most effective? What help is flexibility if workloads remain the same, or greater? Where does consideration for parents start putting an undue burden on non-parents?

Mental Health: New Strains and How to Respond to Them

Harmony at home has been sharply disrupted for many families. Remote schooling and remote work have created relentless complications. Couples struggle to deal with new stresses. Parents worry about the effect of isolation on their kids. How can companies respond proactively to stay in touch with the emotional well-being of their workers and provide services and benefits that respond to today's challenges?

Is This Company Suitable for Young Children?

The years of early-stage parenting can be the most challenging ones for working parents. During a pandemic, maternal care takes on new anxieties. At the same time, the child-care system has broken down. For front-line workers and remote workers alike, employers need to pursue new solutions to make it possible for the parents of young children to keep them safe and engaged while doing their jobs. Should companies subsidize child-care and parenting coaches?

The Future of Parenthood and Careers: How Will Corporate Culture Evolve?

How can parenting become more compatible with career advancement? What's the status of the notorious Mommy Track? As for dads, what will it take for paternity leave to lose its stigma? What kind of changes does Corporate America need to bring more continuity for parents who take time off (short term or longer term) to focus on key moments in child rearing? How can companies support the sandwich generation, coping with both child care and elder care?