Dr. Tom Bourdon is an organizational leader who has served at the helm of multiple Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTQ, and education-focused organizations. He is motivated by his drive to generate more inclusion and equity in the world.

Over his career, Tom’s eclectic background has allowed him to partner and serve as a consultant, trainer, and speaker for countless organizations in the corporate, non-profit, government, and education sectors. As a consultant, he is able to apply his expertise to a multitude of diversity, equity and inclusion related areas, such as organizational assessment, building and strengthening Employee/Business Resource Groups, strategic planning, targeted messaging, program development, policy review, and community relations/partnerships. His background, knowledge, and enthusiasm also make him a popular keynote speaker and panelist, where he often covers topics such as: the value of authenticity; how to create welcoming and inclusive environments; and the critical importance of being an ally. Tom is highly sought after because of his unique style: culturally competent, genuine, enjoyable to work with, and passionate about creating positive change.